Monday, 10 June 2013

Review: Lily Lolo - Mineral Blusher in Flushed

Definitely my favourite blusher so far. Lily Lolo blusher in Flushed is a matte rose shade which works really well to give you a nice lift to your face without looking like you've just got red cheeks. The shade is perfect for me and it gives a smooth finish for a flawless look.

I originally planned on purchasing bareMinerals blusher in Thistle but I thought it was a little too pricey. So I had a look on the Lily Lolo website to find a similar shade.

The product cost £7.29 from the Lily Lolo website and it comes in the typical lockable sifter jar. I absolutely adore the simplistic design of the Lily Lolo make up pots. Looks very stylish on my shelf! You get 2.5g of product per pot.

I don't like shades that are too pink or too red because I always find that I end up looking like I'm constantly blushing. This shade is perfect and gives a really classy healthy look. I adore the matte finish as I think that more "glowy" products work best in the form of bronzers or highlighters. 

Similar to other mineral products, you apply this by swirling some in the lid, tapping off the excess, and then buffing it onto your skin. The great thing about minerals is that you can slowly build up the coverage. Make sure you do this in good sunlight!

I use this blusher to either colour the apples of my cheeks or to contour my cheekbones. Works great for both. 

Flushed is a very subtle classy shade and I'm so glad I made the purchase.

Lily Lolo uses natural ingredients and is affordable. Delivery is also very fast and you don't need to be in the house to get your goods delivered to you (unless you've made a massive order that physically can't fit through the letterbox!)

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