Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Bekl Surf Bracelets - Australasian Backpacker


I absolutely love bracelets and discovering new brands so I was extremely excited at the opportunity to get my hands on a Bekl Surf Bracelet.

The story behind Bekl is one that I was particularly intrigued by. Bekl was founded in 2012 by a Law graduate called Rebecca. She turned her passion into a business and, fast forward one year, her products have graced the wrists of celebs including Zayn Malik from One Direction and she has also been featured in a variety of the UK's top magazines.

The fact that these bracelets are handmade by Rebecca and her small team in Derbyshire makes them all the more special and adds a uniqueness to each product. For me, the entire brand evokes memories of lazy days at by the seaside, relaxing and chilling out.

Rebecca very kindly sent me a bracelet from the Backpacker Collection, designed to raise money for Surfers Against Sewage - a charity that protects the UK's waves, oceans, and beaches. I was so happy to see that this had arrived wrapped in brown paper and sealed with a wax stamp!

This bracelet features a hand shaped clay tag, made to resemble a smooth pebble from the sea, stamped with a destination. I really like the sandy colour of my pebble and the fact that it has little imperfections on it, just like a real pebble would.

The uniqueness of this product is the idea behind it. These bracelets are created in the hope that one day it will reach it's destination. Before then though, the bracelet will join you on your adventures until you find someone you would like to pass it on to. 

So how do you know if your bracelet will ever reach it's destination? Well, each bracelet comes with a card that details its own twitter/instagram hashtag so you can track it's journey and see where it's heading. I absolutely love this idea and I'm excited to see where my bracelet will end up...

Get your hands on a Backbacker Bracelet* for £19.99. 
10% of the sale will go towards Surfers Against Sewage.


  1. Wow! Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  2. this looks great xo

  3. Cute bracelet, great blog!


  4. Such a nice bracelet, very unique looking :)

    Sarah x


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