Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Treat Republic - Aztec Style Personalised Flip Flops in Blue

So okay, it might be September but there's still a few sunny days left to take advantage of.

These lovely personalised flip flops were sent to me from the team at Treat Republic, a gift website selling handpicked and personalised products. 

I wish I'd discovered this site earlier because they sell a lovely variety of gift products that aren't your typical high-street finds. They can also personalise products including bracelets, gardening tools, phone cases, and jigsaws. You can't beat a personalised gift - it adds that special touch to any occasion. 

I was really pleased to receive these flip flops because I've wanted some for ages but I've never found any that I like. The aztec design is so snazzy! The big bonus was that I managed to get them personalised with my name. I've never had personalised footwear before!

As Treat Republic is a gift website, I was expecting this product to be a novelty more than anything else but I'm pleased to say that these could easily give certain shoe stores a run for their money. The quality is pretty good. The soles are soft but thick, making them comfortable to walk in. I'm normally put off flip flops because the soles are often so thin that I may as well be trekking around on bare feet. 

The Personalised Flip Flops come in a range of designs and you can purchase them in 3 different sizes. I do wish that they would make them in the full range of standard sizes. I was advised that the sizes do come up a little large though. I normally wear shoe size 5.5 and was advised to go for Small but it's a little bit too small! 

Overall, it's a great design and it's got comfort in mind, but I'd love to be able to purchase them in my size in the future. 

You can get a pair of Personalised Flip Flops* for £25.00 from Treat Republic.


  1. I love the print on these! They're adorable :)

  2. Amazing blog!!
    Just followed you both on google and bloglovin!
    Do you also follow me on bloglovin and gfc? , thank you! :)

  3. Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I'm not sure if you've been nominated before but you should check it out. Love your blog and you deserve it!

  4. wow so awesome ~~ now you won't ever loose your flip flops :P



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