Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

Unlike many people, I actually don't own many shoes. I find it so difficult to find shoes that i like and shoes that will actually fit me well. Comfort before style - ALWAYS. These shoes satisfy both of these things!

I saw this online from the Dorothy Perkins website and I loved them straight away. I never buy shoes on impulse, and especially not if I haven't tried them on, but I've been looking for some comfy heeled shoes for ages so I figured it would be sensible enough to take the plunge and purchase them. 

Retailers would hate me if I revealed to you how many pairs of shoes I've returned in the past, even shoes that I've tried on in store. I honestly thought that, with my track record, these would end up going back as well.

To my surprise, these were just as amazing as I hoped they'd be. They feel like trainers but they look so smart and stylish. These will be great for work because I'm not a fan of shoes that make loud click-clack sounds on the ground when I walk. Also, as much as I love the look of trainers, converse etc, I always feel that they don't suit my style and look a bit too casual. So these shoes will be fab for keeping my day-to-day look quite smart as well.

The sole is made from good quality rubber and it gives a good grip when you walk. The laces are long enough to be tied, but not so long as to dangle on the ground like some trainers do. I always wonder why some manufacturers offer such long shoelaces. Luckily, these are just right.

I'm so glad I purchased these because I have a feeling that I'll be wearing them a lot. They look so chic but feel so comfortable. This is my first ever successful online shoe purchase! I wasn't even looking for shoes! I just so happened to have a few gift vouchers that I needed to use pretty soon.

It's true that you always find things when you're not looking for them!


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