Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Review: Save The Blow Dry - Shower Cap

I'm someone who takes ages to style my hair, mainly because my hair is naturally poker-straight so it takes a while to get it to do anything other than lie flat.

The issue is, when I'm heading out in the evening, I like to take another shower just to freshen up. So there goes my lovely voluminous hair. I like to keep everything quite efficient in the evenings. Shower. Clothes. Leave the house. So it's always pretty gutting when my nice bouncy hair doesn't look so bouncy afterwards.

This is where Save The Blow Dry* comes in. This handy little cap, kindly sent to me for review purposes, keeps your blowdry looking in great condition whilst you're in the shower or having a bath. It's probably worth mentioning here that this is not just a shower cap, it's more than that. Whilst the outer waterproof layer resembles a typical shower cap, the inner layer consists of super absorbant micro-weave towelling. This brilliant material helps to eliminate humidity and condensation.

Alternatively, you can turn this cap inside out and use it for hair treatments. I won't say too much on this as I don't actually use hair treatments. 

The design of this is really stylish and cute and it definitely looks a lot nicer than shower caps that I've owned in the past. The material, both on the inside and outside, feels good and is definitely good quality.

I have to admit that when I was contacted about Save The Blow Dry, I was intrigued by the concept but cynical about it actually working in practice. I actually like this product as it definitely reduces humidity in comparison to using a standard shower cap. My hair stayed looking a lot more voluminous and bouncier than usual.

This product is suitable for all hair lengths and it feels slightly larger than the average shower cap. I have long, thick hair and it all fits in fine. It's extremely roomy! Having said that, I still think this product would be more effective for shorter hair because I do find that my hair comes out looking a little messy at times. Nothing that a quick brush-through can't sort out though. 

I'm really glad I've managed to get hold of this because, regardless of the fact that I don't go out too much in the evenings at the moment, this makes a brilliant shower cap. The fact that I can also use it for keeping my blowdry looking great is a massive bonus. This would also be perfect for those people who prefer not to do a hair wash every single day.

You can purchase this online for £14.95.
Would you consider using Save The Blow Dry?


  1. Sounds like something i need to try!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. This look's like a good idea. might have to stick it on the christmas list


  3. This is such a good invention! Definitely need to try this! xx

  4. YES!! I'd definitely try this!! It's so cool I never heard anything like this before!! My hair is also really thick and puffy so I hope it'll work too! :D xx

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  6. great review! you've persuaded me to try this out!
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  7. I love the look of this! I have long hair which I never want to wash everytime I shower, so this is perfect and really cute too xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  8. This is too cute!

    I need to get one so I get out of the bad habit of washing my hair everyday.

    Hmm maybe...

  9. This seems brilliant and never heard of anything like this before :) really cute too, love it! xx

  10. This is so clever! I bet it would grip your hair better as well--regular shower caps just slide off my hair.



  11. oh my this is the shower cap of my dreams really are they available in the Philippines? :)

  12. I would defs give this a go. I've had some shower cap horrors in the past with an entirely wet head of hair and an attractive elastic line mark around my forehead!

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