Thursday, 19 December 2013

New Things #1

Today I am starting a new series of posts all about new things! I'll be doing a post everytime I have a sufficient amount of new things to share with you all. I hope you'll like my new things as much as I do. 

Penguin Hand Warmers - I love these. I've never used hand warmers before and I've never quite understood how they work. Science is a fascinating thing. All you have to do is snap the little silver plate inside, and the entire thing crystallizes and heats up. It's amazing!

Fruitbroo - This is essentialy hot flavoured water but you make them like you would make squash. I'm loving these two flavours. It's caffeine free as well which is a bonus because I've been trying to stay away from caffeine lately. If you like flavoured water, you'll probably really like these. 

Tweed Bag - I saw this on someone else's blog a while back and I knew I had to have it straight away. It was only £12.50 from Tesco. I deliberated for a few days but when the stock levels said "less than 10", I made the purchase. I think it has been restocked now though. 

Vintage Photo Album - I'd like to say that I specifically chose this album but I did not. Luckily, it's really pretty. It also happened to be the only 6x4.5 photo album I could find. My camera takes 6x4.5 photos at its optimum quality as opposed to 6x4. You'd be amazed at how difficult it is to find photo suitable photo albums. You can get 7x5 photo albums but you'd risk all of your photos just falling out of the pockets.  Does anyone else have this problem? Or maybe no one prints photos anymore....

This was a short post but my next "New Things" post will be after Christmas where I'll be sharing more things with you all!

Do you like my "New Things"?


  1. Such adorable new finds you have! I've never heard of FruitBroo but it sure looks good! xx

    Chic Nikkie
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  2. I soooo love the Vintage Photo Album! Great post. Great finds too. :)


  3. Those hand warmers are precious! I've seen hand warmers before but never such cute ones, haha.

  4. Where did you get the fruitbroo from? love the look of them!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  5. Those penguin handwarmers look so cute!

  6. The penguin hand warmers are so adorable! And the vintage photo album is so pretty asdfghjkl. All the photo albums we have in New Zealand look like they're 100 years old and are super boring. *Cries* You overseas people are so lucky! x

  7. Fruitbroo sounds amazing, I need to get some of that for sure! Love the penguin hand warmers too, they're the cutest! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. I love all things vintage, so I am a big fan of the album!
    I really need to try the hand warmers!

  9. The hand warmers are SO cute! Love them!

    Sarah xoxo

  10. Those hand warmers are amazing! I love penguins!

  11. Those drinks look so great! I have to try them! :)

  12. Awh these products all have such cute packaging!

    xo Mel
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