Friday, 6 December 2013

Review: Tropic Skincare - Organic Lip Satin

A few weeks ago, I won a Twitter competition with Tropic Skincare. I was super pleased as I've wanted to try something from this brand for a while now. Tropic Skincare products are 100% plant-derived so you know that there won't be anything artificial in there to hurt your skin.

I found out recently that Tropic Skincare had started selling cosmetics and I've been keen to try something out. It's not difficult to find natural moisturisers, face washes etc but I do find it tough to search for natural cosmetics. Some of you may know that I absolutely love lip products so, as if they read my mind, I was happy to see that they'd chosen to send me their Organic Lip Satins.

First of all, the packaging is so nice. The box is nice and sturdy with a simple design on the front. I'm definitely going to be keeping this little box to store either my Lip Satins or something else!

The Organic Lip Satins contain organic pomegranates, vanilla extracts, and grapefruit essential oils.

They do two shades at the moment: Nude and Tulip. They sent me both, which was lovely! Nude is pretty much a clear glossy lip balm. Tulip is quite sheer as well but there is the softest touch of pink in there, along with shimmer particles. I love giving my lips a natural rosy tint so Tulip is definitely my favourite out of the two.

I haven't used squeezy tubes for a while now, and I don't recall seeing many around anymore, but I'm glad that Tropic Skincare have chosen to use them. I find that they are so much more practical. You can control how much product you squeeze out, and it has a lovely lipstick-style slant for ease of application.

These glosses go on very smoothly and I was surprised at how moisturising and light they felt. They feel like silky lip balms. The name, Organic Lip Satin, is definitely very fitting! 

Staying power is pretty standard but I love these so much that I don't mind having to reapply them!

I'll definitely be purchasing some more once these run out because I can see myself using these a lot! I'm a bit of a lip product junkie and I like trying new glosses and balms, but I rarely stick to them. This, however, has definitely made it to the top of my list!

I'm definitely going to try out some of their skincare products in the future so any recommendations would be great!

Have you tried anything from Tropic Skincare?


  1. Tulip seems like exactly the kind of lip gloss I would love! Congrats on your win!


  2. I've never tried this brand before, eeek, they look so cute! :')


  3. These look beautiful, never heard of the brand before! Tulip looks gorgeous! x

  4. Hello dear, beautiful blog and amazing products :) i follow you with pleasure on GFC, bloglovin, twitter, if you want to pass by me :)

    kiss Tea

  5. Love this color! Thanks for stopping by, you have a great blog! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  6. Ooh the pink looks like the prettiest colour! <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. this must be great by the looks of it.

  8. Very nice colors :) So lovely!!
    Nice blog,too! Follow for follow?? ;) xoxo

  9. Good choices :) the colours you picked are perfect :)
    Meg xx

  10. Lovely shades, never tried anything from this brand !

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  11. I LOVE Tropic! I reviewed their Vitamin Toner and it's now one of my faves!

  12. Well done on the win hun! I love this brand, I have quite a lot of their skincare but didn't know that they started doing cosmetics...I might just have to go and check it out :) xx

  13. Great post. Looks so pretty.

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  14. These look so lovely! I love getting natural products, I wish they were easier to find x

  15. Looks like you've had a lucky winning week :-) x

  16. Those look so nice, perfect for christmas parties or just during the day to add a nice pop to your everyday make up, never heard of the brand before but will be sure to check them out :)


    Both shades are gorgeous! So nice to have companies doing organic/plant derived products because there's a lot of 'nasty' chemicals in lip products nowadays :(
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

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