Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye, 2014...

I probably say this to myself every single year but, seriously, where has the time gone? 2014 seems to have flown by and it's a little bit scary! So much has happened this year and it's made me realise how precious time is and how important it is to treasure every second. You never know what could happen tomorrow.

2014 has ended on a high with things finally starting to fall into place. Being a grown up is a lot less scary when the missing pieces from the jigsaw of life seem to be finding their place. I'm looking ahead to a fantastic 2015 and I know it'll be a good year. I'll make sure of it!

For me, 2015 is all about being happy and healthy. I'm going to be more optimistic, look forward, and lead an active lifestyle. Health is wealth, right? What are your plans for 2015?

"Make the rest of your life the best of your life."

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

LED Hut - Indoor Snowman Light

I always get a Christmassy feeling whenever I see the houses in the neighbourhood lit up with Christmas lights. Now I've never been one to decorate my house in such a way, I'd much rather just admire everyone else's efforts so when LED Hut sent me this Indoor Snowman Light*, it was the perfect way to add a little festive lighting to my house with minimal fuss. 

What's more Christmassy and Wintery than a cosy looking snowman?! I love this design and it's also battery powered so you can easily place it anywhere inside the home. It even comes with a loop at the top so you can hang it from a wall. I've now tied a ribbon onto it and it's hanging proudly on the door of my living room. 

The illumination is fantastic and priced at £11.99, it would also make such a nice gift for anyone this Christmas. Speaking of gifts, I still have so much Christmas shopping to do! Anyone else a little behind this year?

Do you decorate your house with Christmas lighting? 

Friday, 28 November 2014

DotComGiftShop Lust List

I've spent so much time lately going through various homeware websites and one of my favourites has got to be DotComGiftShop. I'd especially recommend it if you're into shabby chic homeware as they have a really nice selection on top of everything else of course.

Images on collage are from DotComGiftShop.

1. Cream Sweetheart Chest. This would look adorable on any dressing table or just a normal table really. I think I may have mentioned something really similar to this on a previous homeware lust list.

2. Retro Ceramic Top Storage Jar. I love how cute this jar looks and it's bound to give the kitchen a more homely feel although I'm sure I could probably attempt a bit of DIY and make something similar myself with a kilner jar.

3. Medium Storage Jars. And when one jar isn't enough, you've got two plus a little storage caddy. I love it when everything is organised and neat so this would be perfect.

4. Cake Stand. I rarely make full sized cakes unless it's a special occasion but I'm hoping to start baking a bit more again soon and making something more adventurous and this cake stand will motivate me, right?

5. Patchwork Apple Cushion. I remember a time when I thought that cushions were utterly pointless. I didn't understand the need for them and I guess in some way, I still don't but they just look great. I'm not someone who would want a matching set of cushions on the sofa because I don't want a show home, I want something that looks cosy and gives an almost cottage-like feel. I can imagine this cushion fitting in well with that vision.

6. Sweetheart Display Cabinet. I have so many miniature items with nowhere to put them but how cute would they look if I displayed them in this? I have mini perfume bottles, mini books, little figurines etc.

7. Pink Doughnut Trinket Pot. I love doughnuts but I don't eat them too often as they're not the healthiest thing in the world so I guess the second best thing to do would be to have a doughnut trinket pot! I think this would look great displayed on a bedside table filled with small pieces of jewellery.

8. Birdcage Mirror With 3 Hooks. This is one of those items that I absolutely love the look of but I'd have no idea where to hang it. It would probably be a nightmare to clean as well but it looks amazing!

9. Orchid Garland Battery Lights. When it comes to decorative lighting, I usually don't bother but these caught my eye as they look so elegant and I think they'd be great as a frame around a dressing table mirror.

Are you a fan of DotComGiftShop?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Heat Holders - Snugover

Baby, It's Cold Outside. It's no longer too early for Christmas references, right? ... And it really is getting cold outside! It's great to snuggle up in warm layers and have chilled-out evenings in the house. Recently, I was sent this Snugover* from Heat Holders, a company specialising in warm thermal clothing and accessories. 

I love how cosy this feels on, I'm really sensitive to fabrics particularly when it's cold so this is just perfect for me. I've loved wearing this during the cold evenings when I've watched films all cosy on the sofa. 

There are 3 colours to choose from and I opted for purple because it's nice to have a splash of colour to light up the darker days!

The fabric is so soft and snuggly which is a must for me as my skin is super sensitive to almost anything really hence why I used to steer clear of wearing jeans, but that's another story for another day...

Everyone in my family now wants one too so I'm thinking that this might just be an ideal Christmas present this December.

Will you be getting a Snugover?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Christmas Boutique

Christmas is coming! It's the 1st of November so I finally feel that it's appropriate to mention Christmas. Having said that, I know plenty of people that started their Christmas shopping during Summer and I also know lots of people who will most likely buy their gifts on Christmas Eve.

The team at The Christmas Boutique kindly sent me a lovely selection of their Christmas pieces and what's better than an online store dedicated to all things festive?

It did actually take me a while to figure out what this was for - totally should have checked the A4 sheet of paper that came with the parcel! Anyway, this is a draught excluder and I can imagine this would go down well with most young kids this Christmas. You could also place it on top of your mantelpiece!

As someone who loves cake (eating and baking), these are the perfect baubles to hang on the tree this Christmas. The large cupcake baubles are perhaps a little too big for the Christmas tree that I have but I'm sure I'll find somewhere to display them. I can't wait to cake up my tree next month!

I've always wanted to bake my own macarons but I've never got round to it so these are the next best thing, right? I love the bright colours and these will go perfectly with the cake baubles.

How adorable are these decorations? I'm still deciding whether to hang these on the tree next month or to hang them on one of the doors instead. The "sugar" has unfortunately come off a bit from Mr Gingerbread so I'll definitely have to handle these with care!

I love these tins as they'll be perfect for filling with festive cakes and biscuits and they'd make a great gift as well. If you're not into cakes and baking then you can always fill these with non-food items. I'm thinking of using the smallest tin to store some of my stationery at work so I can spruce up my desk space a bit. 

If you're buying wine for anyone this Christmas, you might want to consider this festive bottle bag holder. You could also fill it with treats and use it as an alternative stocking. I'm currently using it to store my lovely body lotions!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
P.S: Happy November!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Nude Jewellery

Gosh it's been way too long since I've written a jewellery post. I've had a break from jewellery recently but I've started to wear all of my necklaces and bracelets again. I forgot what great accessories they can make and it's a good way to spruce up a dull outfit.

I was recently sent this lovely Glitter Ball Bracelet* from Nude Jewellery, a London-based jewellers showcasing contemporary pieces from a range of designers. This bracelet is from the Glitter Ball Collection designed by Nikki Galloway, a Jewellery Design graduate. This collection features pieces made from sterling silver which is hammered to give a reflective effect. 

First of all, the packaging is a lot grander than I expected it to be and it would definitely make a brilliant gift for a loved one or even for yourself because who doesn't love a nicely packaged product?

The hammered effect is subtle and I love the way it reflects the light. The bracelet has several hoops on the end to fit various wrist sizes and it is secured with a clasp.

I have to admit that when I first saw the bracelet, I was a little apprehensive as it's not what I would normally choose myself but once I put it on, I loved it. I've had a few compliments already which is always a great indication that you're wearing something lovely! I think this is great for casual wear but you could equally dress it up with a nice dress for an evening out with the girls.

This is priced at £175 and is available online at Nude Jewellery
What do you think of this bracelet?

Friday, 17 October 2014


I got to thinking the other day about how we spend a lot of our time waiting. We wait in the queue when we're shopping. We wait for the alarm to go off when we wake up an extra 5 minutes early but can't bring ourselves to get out of bed. We wait for the clock to strike 5 when we've had a tiring day at work. We wait at home for that postman to deliver the parcel because we don't want to miss it. We wait for people to turn up. We wait for people to pick up the phone. 

Waiting isn't always such a bad thing though. Imagine what life would be like if we never had to wait for anything. There would be no pauses. There would be no anticipation. Life would be fast forwarded and we wouldn't appreciate things as much if we never had to wait for them.

I like to wait for cakes to bake in the oven as I love watching them rise. I like to wait for the next train to arrive when I'm doing several train changes because I don't have to rush and I can do a bit of window shopping. I like to wait for the next episode of my favourite TV series because it builds up anticipation and, quite frankly, I wouldn't have the time to catch up with it if it was on back to back. In fact, sometimes I wish I could just press the pause button on life whilst I gather my thoughts (and my belongings) before continuing on with the next thing. 

Don't ever sit around waiting for something that might never happen, don't wait to say something tomorrow when you can say it today, and don't wait around for someone who doesn't want to turn up. But there a lot of things in life that are worth waiting for.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Review: Zoella Beauty - Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist

Most of you will have probably heard of Zoella Beauty by now but for those of you who haven't, this is a range of beauty products launched by the super successful blogger & Youtuber Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella. Let's just take a moment to appreciate how extraordinary it is that a blogger has achieved so much!

When I first saw images of the range, I was in love with the design and packaging! The polka dots and colour palette keep it simple but cute. I initially thought that I wouldn't be making a purchase as I tend to be quite loyal to beauty products that I use since my skin is quite sensitive. I normally wait until other people with equally sensitive skin have tried it out first before I part with my money. However, when I saw that Zoe was releasing a body mist as part of her beauty range, I knew I had to have it because I adore body mists. 

So, I went onto Feelunique and made my purchase for the Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist. What an adorable name! It was a bit of a blind purchase because the description online didn't give too much away as to what it would even smell like but a couple of bloggers who went to the launch night mentioned that it was a fresh floral scent.

I'm pleased to say that I love this! I knew I'd probably like it as I tend to like most fresh body mists but I had no idea I'd like it this much. It's a fresh fragrance that seems more expensive and sophisticated than your average body mist, which came as a pleasant surprise. To me, this smells like white florals with a crisp freshness that brings fields and the great outdoors to mind. In fact, when I first tried this out, I immediately thought of a fragrance that I had a couple of years ago called Wild Meadow by Kate Moss. It's been ages since I've used Wild Meadow but from what I can recall, the scent is so similar to Blissful Mistful, albeit a little stronger as it's an EDP whereas this is a body mist. I hope that at some stage, they'll release a list of the notes in Blissful Mistful as I'm really curious!

The scent stays pretty much the same throughout the entire duration, which is one of the many reasons why I like body mists so much, and it lasts for about 2 hours which is okay with me as I don't mind re-spritzing. That's the most I expect from a body mist anyway. I usually only use one spritz as I find that this is a little bit stronger than most body mists. It also contains Vitamin  E which I believe is good for conditioning the skin. 

At £8.00 for a 45ml bottle, I'd say that this is an affordable product and I'm glad that Zoe has created a range with such great prices. Now that I've tried out the body mist, I'm quite tempted by the candle if it smells anything like the mist!

You can buy Zoella Beauty products online at Feelunique and Superdrug
Have you bought any Zoella Beauty products?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New Things #8

Strawberry Laces Hand Gel (link here) - I carry anti-bacterial hand gels everywhere so when I saw this one, I just had to pick it up. I'm still in two minds about the scent as I was expecting it to be a fruity strawberry smell but it's a little different to that. It does smell like strawberries but it's more on the synthetic side however, I still prefer this to the strong chemical scents.

Green Tea Ice Cream - It might be the end of September but it's never too cold to try out something new. I've heard a lot of people go on about how much they love green tea ice-cream so I picked up a small pot when I was shopping. Unfortunately, it tasted like I was eating green tea powder. I'm not sure what I was expecting really...

DVD (link here) - In the hunt for a DVD to watch, I picked this one up. It's not something that I'd instantly go for as the trailer didn't really intice me much - all this "end of the world" business is a bit dull to me but nevertheless, I gave it a watch. I have to say, my concentration span when it comes to sitting down to watch a DVD is extremely low so my mind did float away at some parts but it was a good film.

Laundry Handwash Liquid (link here) - It has only recently occurred to me that a lot of clothing items that I own are supposed to be handwashed. Oops.... Who knew that you couldn't just chuck it all in the washing machine? I guess it does explain why my stuff gets old so quickly and torn apart. I'm not sure if I'll be religiously checking through every single label just yet though.

Card Games - These are both Happy Families card games. One of them is based on Frozen and the other is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one. These came free with a £40 shop at Morrison's and although I collected quite a few different card games over the weeks including Domino and Guess Who, these two are my favourite because Happy Families is such a good game. I can't believe I've never heard of it before!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Review: Wrapped For You - Personalised Chocolate Bar

If you read this blog often enough, you'll know about my love for all things personalised. Recently, I came across Wrapped For You, a company specialising in chocolates and sweets for all occasions. You can choose from a range of designs or get your own design printed. 

I was sent the "I'd Give Up Chocolate" chocolate bar* and I had it personalised with a name on it for my friend as a sweet good luck gift for a new job. 

My friend really liked it and thought that the design was simple but really nice. Sometimes simple is really all you need. No fuss, no frills, just a cute slogan and a personalisation. 

The most important part is of course the taste test! I'm pleased to say that my friend really enjoyed the chocolate bar but then again, wouldn't most chocoholics? 

There are other designs on their website including ones for occasions such as birthdays, christenings, and weddings. For anyone who loves chocolate, they'll love a personalised chocolate bar. It makes a simple gift for times when a bigger present would be too much, or when you want to give them an extra little gift. I can imagine that these would also make brilliant stocking fillers this Christmas.... Too soon? 

Wrapped For You have kindly offered my readers 10% off any order from their website. Just use the code linderella10 at Enjoy!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Autumn 2014 Lust List

Autumn 2014 Lust List
Images on collage are from their respective websites.

Autumn is well and truly underway now and I am most certainly looking forward to wrapping up for the colder weather. I could probably spend all day making a gigantic collage of all my favourite Autumn wardrobe pieces but for the purpose of this post, I've cut it down to nine!

1. Black Boots. I've been lusting after these all year. Duo boots are high quality and you can purchase them to suit your calf size. This is a bit of a splurge but I have a feeling that these may just be making their way into my life before the end of the year.... The only thing putting me off buying these is the next item...

2. Brown Water-Resistant Boots. These are also from Duo and they're new to the website. These are water-resistant which means they'll be far more practical than the previous pair. Plus, I don't own wellington boots as I don't like the look of them so these would be a great alternative.

3. Monochrome Coat. Do I need a new coat? Probably not, but every September I find myself lusting after a new one. This one has a gorgeous texture with a pretty skirted bottom.

4. Collar Knit Dress. I love a bit of burgundy during the Autumn months and, as some of you may remember, I also love collars. Perfect Autumn dress right here!

5. Heart Elbow Patch Jumper. I have to say that I've never really been into the whole elbow patch thing but these heart patches are adorable. Adds a little something extra to an otherwise plain jumper.

6. Botanical Bloom Print Wrap. This is perhaps more reminiscent of Spring but nothing wrong with a few florals in Autumn, especially when they're this pretty.

7. Teddy Jumper. When I saw this, it made me think of Christmas. I can't wait until all cute jumpers make an appearance nearer towards the festive season.

8. Faux Suede Biker Jacket. Another burgundy item on the list, it's such a gorgeous shade. I like having big coats during Autumn but there's times when they become impractical such as when you're going to a shopping centre. I'm usually the person who ends up carrying out a massive coat in one hand and then loads of shopping in the other.

9. Pink Floral Lace Shift Dress. This isn't exactly an Autumn item but I just love the cut and pattern on it. Pink isn't a colour I'd often wear but I do make an exception when everything else ticks the boxes.

If you want to see what else I'm currently lusting after, visit my brand new page - Shop My Favourites.

Do you love Autumn fashion?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Introducing: Battle Oats

Having immersed myself into a health & fitness regime these past few months, I was quite keen to try out some protein bars to see what all the fuss was about. I was recently sent two protein bars from Battle Oats to test out - Cranberry & Blueberry Fusion* and Dark Choc Chip*.

Battle Oats are a new company who produce 100% natural high protein oaty flapjacks. Their bars are free from gluten and are suitable for vegetarians. They use ingredients such as natural butter, coconut oil, gluten-free oats, and isolated soy protein. Each bar contains 22% protein, making it a great choice for refuelling and topping up your energy levels. 

Before I get onto the taste and all that, I'd just like to point out my one little gripe with the packaging. The side of the packet states that "snacking never tasted so awesome" and, personally, I've always had a bit of an issue with energy bars being marketed as snacks. For me, an energy bar, particularly one high in protein, should really only be eaten if there is a need to refuel and/or if you can't get hold of any food such as when you've had a workout, when you're commuting, or even if you're going on a long walk. If you've just been sat down most of the day and fancy a snack, you're better off picking up a piece of fruit and ensuring that you're eating/cooking healthy meals. Otherwise you'll just be overloading on nutrients, which can actually be quite harmful to your body. There IS such a thing as "too much of a good thing". Let's not forget that you'll also be consuming more calories too.

Right, now that I've cleared that up, onto the taste.... As much as I love flapjacks, I often struggle with large flapjacks as it's a bit of an oat overload so I was pleasantly surprised to see that this didn't really resemble a flapjack at all when I looked at it. The taste is oaty but it's been mixed in well and it kind of reminds me of a mix between a flapjack and a cake, and it's a little bit powdery.

The first one I tried was the Cranberry & Blueberry Fusion which I had high hopes for because I love anything fruity, and it definitely didn't disappoint. It had a distinct taste of berries without tasting like I was eating a fruit bar. I actually split this one in half and had the fist half an hour before my workout, then I had the second half straight after my workout. Not sure if it was the bar or the placebo effect but I definitely felt more energised during my workout and it was a great way to refuel too. Plus, it's so tasty!

The second one I tried was the Dark Choc Chip one which I was initially apprehensive about as I'm not the biggest fan of chocolate but I like to try everything so I gave it a go and although I do prefer the Cranberry one, this one wasn't bad either.

I really like the texture of these bars and I hope that Battle Oats make some more flavours in the future, ideally fruity ones! I'm still in two minds about whether I need protein bars in my life but these are tasty enough for me to want to purchase for a pre-workout or post-workout snack.

What are your favourite protein/energy bars?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Be A Kid

Who says we have to grow up so fast? It's almost like once education is over, you're an adult and you're expected to act a certain way and speak a certain way. Responsibilities and pressure starts to increase, fun starts to become a thing of the past. 

Now I'm not saying that we should all throw away our responsibilities, in fact, that's absolutely not what I'm saying but it's okay to have fun. It's okay to be a kid and enjoy all the wonders of the world. It doesn't matter if you're 12, 22, or even 62. If you want to build sandcastles at the beach then go for it. If want to swing on a tree then that's completely fine. If you want to tip out your old lego bucket and start constructing lego houses then that's okay too. As long as you're not harming anyone then there really isn't a problem.

Whatever your age, it's important to maintain a youthful spirit. There are so many amazing things in this world, and so many small things that can bring a lot of joy and magic. Don't let a number define when you have to suddenly stop having fun.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Review: Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban

Hairdryers - who needs them? I for one like to let my hair dry naturally and I guess I'm lucky that my hair actually dries straight. The only time I use a hairdryer is if I'm in a rush, so I was very excited when this Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban* arrived through the letterbox for me to test out.

I have to admit that the colour isn't to my taste and I think this would like much more appealing in a different shade, perhaps something brighter, but I guess I'm not exactly going to go out shopping with it in my hair so no one is going to see it anyway!

This is made from a special fabric containing fine microfibers to make it lightweight yet super absorbent. It's designed to speed up natural drying time which will then reduce the amount of time you need to blow dry your hair. Of course, I don't really blow dry my hair often so this just speeds up the natural drying time for me. 

I normally use a small towel to wrap my hair up onto the top of my head but it always ends up unwrapping and falling off because my hair is so long and heavy! With this, it has a button and a loop so you can securely fasten it to the top of your head. My hair is quite long, it reaches to my lower back so I was a bit unsure as to whether it would fit into this hair turban but it just about squeezed in. My hair stayed secure which was such a welcome change as it made it so much easier for me to apply body lotion and get changed whilst my hair dried off a bit.

Although I don't use this everyday, it always comes in handy when I'm in a rush and it means that I use the hairdryer even less now which is a massive bonus for me. It doesn't dry my hair completely but it absorbs more water than the average towel and it stays put. In fact, the hair turban still felt so light when I took it off my hair that I actually placed it on my bed, and then I came back about 15 minutes later to find a massive puddle! That's how much it absorbed without me even realising. So definitely make sure you hang it up somewhere to dry afterwards.

This is available online in celadon, white, and pink. The RRP is £14.99 but it is currently on offer at £9.95. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Healthy Dinner Idea - Baked Sweet Potato & Quinoa Salad

Orange-fleshed baked sweet potato with a cucumber quinoa salad
Orange-fleshed baked sweet potato with a cucumber quinoa salad

White-fleshed baked sweet potato with a peas & sweetcorn quinoa salad
White-fleshed baked sweet potato with a peas & sweetcorn quinoa salad

I always find dinner the most difficult meal of the day even though I probably enjoy dinner more than any other meal. Trying to think of dinner ideas is one thing but trying to think of healthy dinner ideas makes it that little bit harder. However, one of my favourite meals to have for dinner is sweet potato with quinoa salad and it's my go-to meal on days where I have no idea what to eat. It's simple, delicious, and so good for you. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So, following on from my healthy breakfast idea post, I'm bringing you a healthy dinner post today.

You'll need one sweet potato, I tend to go for the orange-fleshed variety where possible as they contain more nutrients and they're also sweeter. You'll also need some quinoa, and a choice of vegetables to mix in with it.

I purchase my quinoa from Morrison's Wholefoods section but you can get it from a number of supermarkets and health stores. Quinoa has fast become one of my favourite things to eat because it tastes good, it's filling, it's a complete protein, and it's good for you.

Step one. Set your oven to 200 degrees. Wash and scrub your sweet potato under a running tap and, using a knife, pierce holes all over the sweet potato. Place it on a baking tray that has been covered with a sheet of foil.

Step two. Place your sweet potato into the oven to bake. This needs to bake for approximately 40-45 minutes but you'll need to head back into the kitchen before that time is up to cook your quinoa. Time it right and you'll get the sweet satisfaction of all parts of your dinner being ready at the same time.... ahhh.... bliss...

Step three. Once your sweet potato has been in the oven for about 20-25 minutes, it's time to make your quinoa. Boil a kettle of water and measure out your quinoa. I usually use an amount equating to about half a cup (about one handful) but you may want to experiment with this a bit to see what suits you. More is better than less as you can keep it in the fridge for the next day. Half a cup may not seem like much but quinoa expands when cooked. 

Step four. Boil your quinoa in a pot over the stove. The amount of water you use should be approximately double the amount of quinoa you've used but you may need a bit more water if your pot is wide. Put the lid on and let it simmer. Leave it to simmer for approximately 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to stop it from sticking. Feel free to add pepper or any other flavours at this point. Cooked quinoa should be light and fluffy, you should also see that the "tails" have come off too.

TIP: If it looks like it's burning and drying out before it's cooked, add more water. If it looks like it's almost cooked but there's still too much water left, turn up the heat and take off the lid so that the water can escape via steam. It'll be gone in no time. 

Step five. Pour out your quinoa onto a bowl or plate and fluff it up using a fork. At this point, you may want to cut up some vegetables to mix in with it. My favourite choice has got to be peas and sweetcorn, but I often add cucumber instead as I always have some in the fridge!

Step six. At this point, your sweet potato should be done! Take it out of the oven and cut it up into slices. I do this so that it's not boiling hot when I cut into it to eat. 

TIP: You can also cut this up into chunks and mix it in with the quinoa salad. 

So, there you have it! A delicious and healthy dinner idea. Make sure you let me know if you try this out. You can tweet me @IAmLinderella.

Happy cooking!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I Have A Mini Cactus

I went to some beautiful gardens the other month and spent a good few hours admiring how beautiful all the plants and flowers were. It's possibly one of the few things that does make me miss summer a little. Technically, it's still summer but the sun seems to have made an early escape this year. 

I saw some amazing giant cactuses and whilst I'd love to have a garden full of beautiful plants, it's not really practical at the moment so. upon leaving the gardens, I decided to explore their garden shop and I picked up a mini cactus. There were so many but this was definitely the cutest. The spines are actually more fluffy than spiky too.

It's amazing how a little plant in my bedroom can cheer me up in the mornings. It's taken pride of place on my windowsill and it's such a welcome addition to my room.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Review: MeMeMe - Coral Blossom Cheek & Lip Tint

MeMeMe Coral Tint

I was first introduced to MeMeMe many years ago when I had a voucher which offered a discount for the MeMeMe Cherub's Blush Tint, although it may have been called something else back then. It was the one that looked similar to Benefit's Benetint but was much more affordable! By the looks of things, MeMeMe has grown so much since then and their packaging has changed a bit too

One of their newest additions is the Coral Blossom Cheek & Lip Tint*, kindly sent to me from MeMeMe. Ideal for adding some colour to your cheeks and lips, this is easy to blend and use.

When I first opened the product, I thought that the colour would be quite strong and that the formula would be thick but it's actually the complete opposite. The colour is quite sheer and would best suit those with pale skin tones to give a natural flush of colour. The lightness of the colour may be down to the fact that the formula is also really light, it almost feels watery.

This tint looks completely natural and gives a nice peachy flush of colour to the cheeks and looks a little like a gel blush. However, if your skin isn't fair/pale, you may be better off going for their Cherub's Blush Tint instead.

You can also use this on your lips but I prefer not to because I don't feel like this fomula sinks into the lips as well as their Cherub's Blush Tint does. All the tints at MeMeMe are among their best-selling products and you can get yours from their website for £5.50.

Are you a fan of MeMeMe cheek tints?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Autumn Is Coming

I am so excited that Autumn is almost upon us. It's been getting chillier lately and it's put a huge smile on my face. Sorry to anyone out there who worships the warm heat of the summer sun but I'm very much a jumpers and scarves kind of girl. I've spent most of summer trying to battle with my sensitivity to the heat and to find clothes to wear that cover me up without heating me up. I'm most happy when I'm snuggled in layers of soft fabric. Plus, there's something really relaxing about wrapping up in the evening and taking a long walk through the pretty streets that are lit up with lights, even the lights from apartment and office windows can look magical. The above photo was taken in London last Autumn. You can actually still see the clouds too which I think is pretty cool.

Autumn. Bring it on.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Chatterbox Walls - Personalised Print

I can't get enough of things that have been personalised, it's like adding that extra bit of magic to a product. If I could have everything custom made then I would definitely do it, although I'm not sure my bank balance would be looking too healthy afterwards...

I was recently sent the Original Likes Print* from Chatterbox Walls, a company that produces personalised artistic prints. They have so many different designs and sizes that there's got to be something on their website that takes your fancy.

Posters and prints are something that I never really saw the point of up until a few years ago when I went to my first poster sale and bought far too many of them. From that day onwards, I don't think my walls have ever been poster-free, there's always at least one up. Other than this one, I currently have an orange poster on my wall that says "Keep calm and buy shoes". I'm actually not even sure why I purchased it since I'm not really a "shoe person".

At least my new Chatterbox Walls print is a lot more relevant to me and makes more sense to have in my room. I chose this print as I loved the fact that I could fill it with information about all the things that make me happy, and perhaps it also acts as a reminder on bad days that there are actually things that I love. There are many colour variations to choose from and I was torn between a few but opted for "Cup Cake" in the end because I liked the pretty pastels.

It's printed on high quality satin paper and I'm pleased to say that it's also UV-resistant so it prevents fading. There are four different sizes to choose from and mine is Small which is A4 size. I'm always a bit uncertain about A4 posters as I feel that if it's simple and A4 size then I could probably make it myself. Perhaps I'm just being presumptuous...

I really like this print and it's taken pride of place on the front of my wardrobe. For months I've been tying various ribbons onto my wardrobe handles to jazz it up a bit so at least now I have something colourful on there. The size of it is actually perfect for the purpose of my wardrobe but if you're looking to stick one up on your wall, I highly recommend going for one of the larger sizes. Seriously, large prints look amazing!

I'll definitely be re-visiting Chatterbox Walls at some point, even if it's just to get this poster enlarged but I have a feeling I'll also be purchasing some for my friends. It would make such a great gift and there are so many different designs available. You can even personalise your own "Keep Calm" poster which is great if the poster people haven't yet printed one that suits your tastes.

This print starts at £14.99 and there is also the option to purchase a frame with it which I think would look quite good if you went for the Small sized print.

Will you be visiting Chatterbox Walls for a personalised print?