Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mylah Rose - Linderella's Picks

If you're ever after a truly British gift for a loved one, Mylah Rose is one to check out. They are a new online gift store selling luxury products from small British businesses. So whilst we're on that note, if you're a craft maker or own a small handmade business, you may want to consider selling through Mylah Rose

It's still early days for them, as you can tell from the sparse website, but I've been looking through what they have so far and I've picked out some of my favourites to share with you all.

1. Gypsy Bear - As far as I'm concerned, you are never too old for teddy bears! I love the blend of colours on this teddy and it would make an amazing gift for anyone who likes cuddly toys.  It even has cashmere paw pads - ooh la la... With a luxury gift store comes a luxury price tag... Priced at £80, I'll add this to my Christmas wish list... Too early?

2. Heligan Moonstone Candle - Now I'm not someone who lights candles that often but this one has four wicks on it! Anything cute and quirky like this always catches my attention. It would be perfect for a special occasion and it would make an excellent centerpiece. 

3. Sugared Almonds - These have been made by Charbonnel et Walker, one of Britain's earliest chocolatiers. I've never tried these before but I love almonds and I love anything sweet so these should be good, right? Plus, how cute would this look as a gift?

4. London Montage Cushion - Although it would be pretty difficult to capture the essence of London in just one cushion, this does a pretty good job. From the red phone boxes to the Queen's guards, this is a must-have for any London lover. I just wish the photo of the dog wasn't on there, I am not a fan of dogs...

5. Teacup Gift Set - I've always liked the idea of having my own little tea party. I love how vivid the colours are in this gift set and it would certainly make any tea lover's day. 

Will you be shopping at Mylah Rose?

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  1. Lovely post!! I am loving the Teacup Gift Set :) super cute!!!
    Ava xox

  2. Those tea cups are adorable! Love them!


  3. the tea cup set is beautiful <3 reminds me of alice in wonderland :)

  4. This sounds interesting! Nice post! I really like your headers by the way!
    Zoha xx

  5. I've literally just fallen in love with the cup and saucer xx


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