Monday, 27 January 2014

Review: Elizabeth's Daughter - Skincare Gift Set

I love trying out new skincare products and it's always nice to see that there are so many smaller skincare companies who are just as good, if not sometimes better, than the bigger brands. So when I came across Elizabeth's Daughter, I was quite tempted to try something out. They use all natural ingredients and are aimed at young and sensitive skin. They kindly offered to send me the gift set to try out because I was a little wary about buying a product that I'd heard very little about, especially with my sensitive skin. 

The gift set came with a headband and 3 skincare products. I've been using the products for over a month now and they're almost empty as they're only little tubes.

This was a lovely addition to the gift set! Whenever I'm washing my face or using face masks, my hair always gets in the way. I do sometimes use those elasticated hair bands but I don't like how tight they feel and the fact that you also have to pull it over your head. With this one, it's basically one long strip of material, and you just wrap it around your head and velcro it into place. Unfortunately, this only comes as part of the gift set and you can't purchase it separately.

The Purifying Mask
I'm in two minds about this product. The reason I do quite like it is because the texture is quite nice and it leaves my skin soft. However, there is a really strong chemical odour to this product, which I didn't expect at all from a supposedly natural skincare brand. I've only used this once because the smell is a bit too much but I may try it again at some point.

The Daily Moisturiser
I really like the smell of this. It just smells quite clean and fresh, and it's not at all overwhelming. It contains SPF 15 and can be used on the face or body. The first thing I noticed was how heavy the moisturiser was. It doesn't feel like a thick moisturiser when I have it on my hands but it feels very heavy on the face, and almost greasy. It's definitely too much for daytime use but I've enjoyed using this at night before bed. 

The Facial Gel Cleanser
This was my favourite product out of the three. Admittedly, this has a chemical smell to it as well but it wasn't as noticeable because I used this during my morning showers. It's a clear gel which foams up really well and it really made my face feel like it had been thoroughly cleansed. 

Having trialled all of these products, I probably won't be making any purchases. I do quite like the Facial Gel Cleanser but it doesn't do anything that my usual cleanser can't do so it's not really worth the money. 

This skincare set isn't available anymore as it was a Christmas special but you can buy the full-sized products from Elizabeth's Daughter.


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  2. I love the look of this set, lovely review!

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  3. This looks really cool, thanks for the review :) x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  4. Thanks for the review!! The set looks lovely and I agree with you that if I don't know much about a brand, I don't tend to buy it !:P


  5. I've never heard of this brand before but it sounds wonderful (:


  6. first time hearing about this brand but thanx for the review


  7. I haven't seen this brand before but the set is so cute! Love how they included the headband. x


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