Sunday, 12 January 2014

Review: Simple Skincare - Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On

I've never tried an eye-roll on before because I've never felt like I needed one until now. My recent insomnia has led to my eyes feeling a little worse for wear. As I have sensitive skin, I opted for the trusted Simple Skincare brand. I did consider a few different eye creams but I'm very conscious about putting too much pressure around the delicate eye area - one of the reasons why I don't use eye make-up. So I opted for a roll-on. 

This product claims to wake up tired eyes and it definitely did that. The rollerball feels really cool on the skin and it instantly makes me feel refreshed. However, that is about as much as it did. 

I can't really tell whether or not it reduced puffiness so, if it did, the effects obviously weren't that visible. Maybe I'll have to try this again on a day when my eyes are extremely puffy....

The major issue I had with this was that it dried out my under-eye area. I wasn't expecting this at all so I was quite disappointed. This product felt really nice when I was using it, but once the product dried off, it dried my skin as well. My under-eye area was left feeling a little tight and uncomfortable. I did think that perhaps this tightening was supposed to happen in order to reduce puffiness but, either way, it's not really ideal.

Overall, this product is good for an instant pick-me-up for the eyes but not so great for making you feel good afterwards. I'd compare this to eating sugary snacks when you're feeling hungry - you get an instant energy boost and then it just drops you back down again. Ah I do love a good analogy...

I've been using this on and off for the last few months because I do like the cooling sensation that it gives me but I definitely won't be repurchasing this.

Have you tried any eye roll-ons?


  1. This sounds amazing! think I'll have to pick that up if I ever spot it! :D
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  2. That's a shame that it isn't sensational, but at least it's not THAT bad! Haha! But dying out your under eye area isn't the best thing in the world :-(

  3. I tried this product a few years ago and also found that it didn't really do a lot, the roller ball on mine didn't move very well at all. It's a shame as I really like products from simple

    Bella x

  4. I use a similar eye product, also by Simple, but it doesn't dry my under eyes. In fact, it's the non-sensitive version of the same eye roll-on product. Have you tried that one?

    xo Deborah
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  5. I've thought about purchasing this a couple times but have never taken the plunge! x

  6. Shame about this one, Simple is usually quite good! x
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  7. I had the Garnier Eye Roll on and wasn't at all keen on it. I think I'll steer clear of this one as well. Great review :D

    Louise x

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  8. Eye roll on is very compulsory for sure. Wana follow each other dear?

  9. I've never really used any eye rolls before, so cannot comment on that... Shame it wasn't that good!

  10. Great post, thanks for sharing!
    You have a lovely blog..
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  11. I agree completely. I noticed a cooling effect straight after using this but it did nothing visually whatsoever?! Which seems like a waste of money :( xx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  12. Ahh I haven't!! But I do wear eye makeup almost everyday so I am looking for an eye cream. I've tried a Shiseido eye cream that my mom has (I forgot what it's called now, sorry XP) and it works really well!! But it's creamy and not cooling as we all want.. school is making my eyes really tired lol..

  13. I am currently trying the Clinique eye roller, which I think works okish, but not as good as some other things I have been trying too, I just think this doesn't 'give' enough to the skin!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  14. i tried one many years ago, i cant remember the name.. oops :) but i think i need one now because my eyes are very puffy lately.. thank you for review xoxo


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