Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review: Urban Chique Jewellery - Mykonos Bracelet

There are so many online jewellery retailers out there that it can sometimes be hard to choose one from the next. You then have the issue of trawling through pages and pages of products to determine what you want and what will suit you best. 

With, you can access a "colour consultation" page to help you find the jewellery pieces that will suit your skin tone. The tones are split into the four seasons, and then sub-divided. The clear descriptions make it easy to determine which category you fall into. You can then select your handmade piece from a group of products that have been specifically picked out to suit your skin tone.

I found that "Clear Winter" sounded most like me and I was very kindly sent the Mykonos Bracelet* from the recommended items, which I received the very next day. It arrived nicely packaged in a sleek black jewellery box. 

Initially when I chose this bracelet, I wasn't entirely sure about it but I had absolutely nothing to be worried about. This is a super pretty bracelet with a beautiful Swarovski flower and dark blue pearl beads. It's definitely not a colour I would normally wear when it comes to jewellery but I think it really suits my skin tone. It's nice that the beads are quite small and dainty as well. I think I have an average-sized wrist and this bracelet fits me well. It has a standard hook clasp which is fairly simple to use.

I went through this phase a couple of years ago where I would constantly be wearing a bracelet, or a stack of bracelets. Having now got my hands on this one, I can feel that phase rearing its head again. I've been wearing this pretty much every day. Don't get me wrong, I own quite a few beautiful bracelets but most of them are quite precious and expensive so I tend to save them for special occasions. This Mykonos Bracelet gives effortless casual elegance and it is easy to wear on a daily basis.

I am so glad I came across Urban Chique Jewellery because I would never have chosen something like this if it wasn't for their colour consultation. 

Have you been through their colour consultation?


  1. So pretty! Love the blue pearls so unique.



  2. It's so pretty, I love the idea of the "colour consultation" page! x

  3. That is such a nice bracelet! It really isn't my style but it is gorgeous nonetheless! :)
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  4. these are lovely


  5. What a lovely bracelet, it's gorgeous:) xx

  6. Never heard of having a consultation to suit your skin tone etc :) sounds a cool idea. I think though, I seem to break the rules when it comes to things that suit me. I seem to be able to wear and get away with strange colours and the ones that should suit me don't haha

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  7. Oh that is absolutely beautiful! I've never heard of a consultation either, but what a great idea! x
    Heroine In Heels

  8. Hi dear :) lovely bracelet!!!

    Kiss Tea

  9. What a lovely bracelet! I love it when they use different 'things' to make a bracelet. Like beads and a delicate silver rose, I don't know it just makes it extra cute in my opinion!

    xo Mélane
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  10. Ohh it's so pretty!! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie

  11. so lovely! Like this bracelet rose flower!

  12. This is a gorgeous bracelet! Really pretty! x

  13. Beautiful bracelet, I love it!

  14. wow that is a cute bracelet you have there... would really make a statement on your wardrobe.

  15. Thank you for all the lovely comments, We would love to see you visit our website in the future.
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