Sunday, 2 February 2014

Linderella's Lust List - Valentine's Day 2014

The 14th of February is just around the corner. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people could not care less. 

My view is that, if you're single, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a few cute goodies on Valentines Day. And if you're in a relationship, there is nothing wrong with dropping a few hints. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's Valentine's Day wish lists so do leave a link below if you've done one!

1. Collar Heart Jumper - I've been loving Oasis clothing lately because so many of them have cute collars. I love wearing collars. This one looks (kind of) romantic with all the hearts but it's not too OTT. I really like this creamy brown colour, it's subtle and easy to wear. 

2. Heart Cake Cases - I'm a keen baker so these would be great for making some romantic looking cupcakes.

3. Strawberry Gift Set - I love the smell of sweet strawberries and The Body Shop captures the smell perfectly. This is such an adorable gift set, the packaging is ultra pretty! I really want to try the EDT from this set. The rest is just a bonus.

4. Hearts Stanley Mug - I went through a phase at one point where I was obsessed with buying new plates, bowls, mugs etc. That phase is now long gone but I do like some new crockery every now and then. 

5. Tan Bear With Pink Ears - This is going to sound lame (because I'm not 12) but I absolutely adore this teddy bear!! The pink paws and pink ears are so cute!

6. Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss - Everyone wants kissable lips on Valentine's Day. I love glossy lips and this product claims to moisturise as well! Bonus! I'm lusting after the Raspberry shade. 

7. Milly Scarf - It's no secret that I have a little obsession with scarves and when I came across this one, it was love at first sight. It's just so pretty! This one also happens to be called Raspberry as well! I definitely need to get this at some stage!

8. Lush Lots Of Love Gift Set - I've only ever bought one Lush product and that was Snow Fairy in November. This gift set looks lovely and I'd love to try out these products, especially the Prince Charming shower gel. The massage bar looks delightful too.

Are you lusting after any of these products?


  1. you have a really nice blog
    new follower
      I'm waiting for you

  2. Love your list especially the top from oasis! ♡

    I also made a wishlist a few posts down on my blog. Link below :)

  3. LUSH is always a good idea :) Although I have Prince Charming shower gel and the scent isn't *that* nice :)

  4. That jumper looks super cute >.< And the lush set is a definite winner in my eyes :)


  5. Love lush! :)

    It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog. I'm sort of new and I would love your feedback :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute | @TheAJMinute

  6. I agree. If your single, Valentines should be a pampering day. I used to send myself flowers on Valentines day.

    xo, N

  7. I love those Clinique lip glosses! xx

  8. I love the mug, I always seem to gravitate towards mugs haha! I'll probably just gorge on chocolates this valentines day xo

    Like Sarah

  9. I love the cupcake case and the Lush gift set. I shall be treating myself this Valentines Day.


  10. Really cute items for Valentine's Day!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  11. those are cute items really perfect for valentine's day! I did follow your blog, feel free to visit mine too.

  12. all these stuff are so lovely! I like this post a lot.

    Glitter DailyBeauty Blog

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    - Bloglovin

  13. This is a fab list! I am giving away the Lush box (but I bet you've already entered :p). I love the mug ... I have a mug obsession at the mo!!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  14. I would love that collar heart jumper!

  15. Cute! I especially love the heart shaped cupcake moulds! I actually make Love Heart jewellery (you can see it in my most recent blog post!) which I think is a cute Valentines gift idea :)

    Josie xoxo
    Fashion Mumblr

  16. This is such an adorable post! The jumper is too cute. Your blog is so lovely

    TalieAnne //

  17. uh oh - another gorgeous lip gloss to add to my wishlist! that clinique lip gloss looks so pretty! also love the valentines day mug... :) great wishlist!!

    rachel x

  18. This post is so cute, I particularly like the lipgloss! X

  19. I've never even thought about a Valentine's lust list!

    Those heart cupcake cases are gorgeous though.

    Hmm maybe...

  20. The jumper is so cute. Love the Lush box!!!


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