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Review: miamoo travel set

When it comes to beauty, there is nothing that I am more obsessed with than skincare. You can have all the make-up in the world, but it's all a bit tedious if you don't look after your skin. As my skin is quite sensitive, I have to be wary of what I put on it. The one category of skincare products that I can usually rely on to be gentle is baby products. 

miamoo was founded by Saira Khan, who some of you may know from the very first series of The Apprentice. I didn't watch it back then but I did watch Beat The Boss, a BBC show that Saira hosted not long after taking part in The Apprentice, so it comes as no surprise that her entrepreneurial spirit resulted in her very own skincare brand being born.  

The products on offer are high quality and kind to sensitive/dry skin and, although this is a baby skincare brand, Saira confesses that she actually uses the products on both herself and her children. Her passion to remind us all of the importance of good skincare is one that I can relate to myself. 

The team at miamoo kindly sent me the miamoo travel pack* to test out, containing travel sizes of all 6 of their products. With a handy clear waterproof pouch to store everything in, it's easy to just pop this into your luggage when you're heading off for a few days.

I quite like the miamoo logo, it's not too fussy and it does it's job. Some of my favourite skincare brands out there are the ones with simple packaging. I like to use a product if it's good and it can get a little disheartening if I start to feel like I'm paying more for the packaging than the product. The little sketchy cows on the packaging are quite cute and I like how there are different colours for each product.

It is recommended that you follow the 3-step routine when using these products.

Step 1-Cleanse

fresh locks shampoo - This is a 3-in-1 face/body/hair wash. It is infused with a variety of good ingredients including lavender, aloe vera, and roesemary and it definitely smells good in the shower. I'm used to using 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners so it was a bit of a change to use a shampoo on its own but it was surprisingly moisturising and left my hair nice and soft. The smell lingers for a while after as well.

splashy wash - This is a 2-in-1 face/body product. This has a subtle citrus smell to it which I was really fond of. I love fruity smells so this was perfect and it definitely helped to wake me up in the morning. 

spritz and wipe - This spritz is filled with limewater and minerals to freshen, cleanse, moisturise and tone the skin. This is a nice refreshing product to use on the go when your skin needs a bit of a pick-me-up. I can't really smell much fruitiness to it but I kind of like the fact that it's almost scentless. I can't see myself using this as a cleanser but it's such a refreshing spritz to use when you've had a tired or stressful day. Definitely something to pop into my handbag! Scented spritzers normally make me feel a little queasy if I'm stressed out, so this one is much better. 

 Step 2 - Moisturise

huggy lotion - This is a 3-in-1 moisturiser for hands/body/face so it's a great all-rounder. Loaded with good stuff, it is a dream to apply. The texture is almost quite watery so it glides on effortlessly and sinks in almost immediately. This is the kind of lotion that I've been waiting for! If you have sensitive skin and you just want something gentle that works, this is your product. It's also an amazing hand cream and I'd choose this over any of my existing hand creams. I probably wouldn't use this as a body lotion as it costs £5 for a 125ml product, that's the size of my Simple Skincare moisturiser! It wouldn't last very long! Great if you're baby-sized though!

cheeky cream - Described as a "barrier cream", this is thicker than the Huggy Lotion and it's great for dry patches or for those who are prone to dry skin. I've been using this on the my elbows and the dry parts of my hands. Although it's a thicker cream, it's still quite light and absorbs very easily into the skin.

Step 3 - Massage

baba oil - This was the product that I was most intrigued about. I have gone through so many body oils and I think I've finally found the one! Containing ingredients such as sweet almond, lavender oils and Vitamin E, this is a truly nourishing and moisturising oil. It sinks in fast and leaves my skin soft to the touch. Most oils I've tried are often a little greasy but this one is just right.

Overall, I'm very impressed with miamoo as it's been so gentle on my skin! The fact that most of the products are very low on scent is a bonus for me as there are too many artificial smelling skincare products out there that make me feel slightly nauseous. 

If you're after gentle but effective skincare, check out miamoo
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  1. It looks so cute, I love the packaging!

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  3. All of them sound really awesome! I like the packaging and gentleness of the products. I have sensitive skin, so this is definitely something I would try.

  4. The cartoon cows look super cute! :P
    The products sounds great too!
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  5. I love the packaging, and they sound like great products!

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  6. I just stumbled over your blog! Its absolutely lovely and very inspiring! Would be really cool if we can follow each other. Please let me know xxx

  7. Ooh these look amazing! I think I mentioned this before but I'm a sucker for cute packaging and I would pick up all of these products just because the label is adorable! I've actually never heard of this brand before but I will definitely look into them as they sound amazing!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. This brand looks so hamless and gentle, they'd be perfect for someone with sensitive or very sensitive skin! I'm always looking for that 'dewy' glow, so putting an oil on your face to moisturise sounds like actually a good idea!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  9. Most adorable packaging! Seems like a really great brand. Thanks for the review - love from a new follower xx


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