Friday, 14 March 2014

Review: Monu - Soothing Touch Recovery Balm

Monu is a popular professional skincare brand, with their products being used worldwide by beauty professionals. They pride themselves on bringing out the best in their customers using the best of nature. Their products are all formulated using the most effective natural ingredients including plants, essential oils, and minerals. Natural skincare is quite important to me as my skin is very sensitive and reacts easily to harsh chemicals.

In a world where our skin is easily stressed out or damaged by environmental factors such as the cold, we all need a "hero" product to soothe our skin and look after it. I received this Recovery Balm* from them which is part of their Soothing Touch range, designed for all skin types and in particular sensitive and stressed skin. 

With so much good stuff packed in including shea butter to improve the skin's barrier function, blackcurrent seed oils to repair skin lipids, and natural betanes to encourage the skin's hydration process, this is a fantastic product for stressed out skin.

My skin can get quite stressed out during the mornings if I've been rushing around to get ready, or when it's really windy outside, and this Recovery Balm has been a lifesaver. It calms my skin down and reduces the redness and irritation that can occur with dryness. The texture is light and airy, non-greasy, and it glides on smoothly. It's recommended that you apply this either as your moisturiser or on top of your moisturiser. On days when I use this, I don't bother with my usual moisturiser as this is enough to keep my skin hydrated and well looked after for the day.

I love the smell of this product, which is infused with soft rose and bergamot oils, it reminds me of a spa. It just screams luxury and I know it will have a special place in my skincare collection.

This is priced at £19.95 for a 50ml bottle, which is a little more expensive than what I would usually go for but it's highly effective and it's also something that I only use once or twice a week, and maybe even less if my skin isn't playing up. Those who have sensitive skin will probably agree that it can be so hard to find soothing products and it's usually worth it to pay for one that finally works!

Are you familiar with Monu Skincare?
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