Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Rosebud By Design Jewellery

I really ought to have a bit of a clearout sometime soon because I seem to have accumulated so much stuff lately. There's always room for pretty jewellery though, always.....

Rosebud By Design offers beautiful handcrafted jewellery, designed to create long lasting memories in your mind. It's always nice to have something that brings back happy memories. The lovely beads and pearls are high quality and catch the light to give you that extra bit of sparkle. Reminds me of a bracelet that I own which creates a rainbow-like effect on the walls whenever the sunlight comes through.

I was kindly sent two items to feature on my blog and I hope you will all like them as much as I do!

This Strawberry Princess Bracelet* caught my eye mainly due to the colour. I'm not a major girly girl but I do love a bit of pink. The design is also something that I haven't seen before and it would be a fantastic bracelet to wear for a glamorous occasion. I've already had a few people ask me about it as it looks very unique. This would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves pink!

My favourite piece from Rosebud By Design is the Snowflake Bracelet*. This is very much my kind of bracelet at the moment, it's simple but sophisticated and it's easy to wear on a day-to-day basis without being too showy. I would also definitely wear this with an elegant evening outfit. The white Swarovski pearls are elegant and dainty, and the diamantes give it that subtle bit of glam. Pearls will never go out of fashion and I like to think I can channel my inner Audrey Hepburn with them...

Have you visited Rosebud By Design yet?


  1. Oh, amazing bracelets! And very nice review :) they look fab! How about following each other via GFC/Bloglovin'/Instagram/FB page? I would love to :) just let me know on my blog and I'll make sure to follow back asap! Have a nice day babe xx
    Red Velvet | Bloglovin' | Instagram | Facebook Page

  2. Oooh they're both so pretty- I prefer the rose gold/pink one though. It's just tooo girly! xx

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  3. Wow these are so pretty - I quite like the Strawberry Princess bracelet - so feminine and girly!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. The white ones so dainty and elegant <3

    x Jeremie | jerawrmie.blogspot.com.au

  5. Thank you!!! All your lovely comments mean a lot!! :-)

    Michelle aka Rosebud by Design xx

  6. Thank you for all your comments. They mean a lot.


    Michelle aka rosebud by design

  7. These are really pretty, the snowflake bracelet is my favourite.

    Grace x

  8. Great post dear as always:)
    Love your blog!


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