Sunday, 20 April 2014

Pretty Hangers

I always like to have pretty things in my room. Why have a boring wooden shelf when you can have a shiny glass one? I actually have both..... Why put my mini products on the shelf when I can put them on tiny heart shaped ceramic plates?........

I hold this same notion when it comes to hangers. I used to use thin metal hangers but, over the past few years, I've started using colourful plastic ones because they're a lot sturdier and nicer to look at. I've always wanted some padded silk hangers too ever since I saw a clothing store use them on all their luxury items. 

Recently, I was kindly sent some lovely hangers from Hangerworld. Style aside, the hanger that I was most excited about was the Premium Wooden Scarf Hanger*. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love scarves, I'll wear them whatever the weather. The photo above shows only a fraction of my scarf collection so I think I may have to invest in a few more of these! I have previously hung my scarves over normal hangers but this is so much more practical and neat. The wood is smooth and glossy so it won't snag and it won't cause any damage to your scarves. I was surprised that my bigger scarves could still fit through the holes, but you definitely won't be able to fit any chunky Winter scarves in there!

For my suit and black trousers, I've used the White Satin Padded Hanger* and the Ivory Padded Clip Hanger*. Got to coordinate your smart clothes, right? I love the Clip Hanger and I might get some more because they're so much nicer than the ones you get in store when you buy trousers. 

For my not-so-formal clothing, I have a Pink Satin Padded Hanger* and a Floral Padded Top Hanger*. The floral one isn't as soft as the others but it adds a nice splash of pattern to my wardrobe and it's a very wide hanger which keeps the shape of my jackets. With normal hangers, I often find that my jackets slip off them and get crumpled on my wardrobe floor.

I'm thinking that the next time I have a wardrobe overhaul, I'm going to get some more of these hangers to hang all of my new clothes on and replace all of my plastic hangers. I like everything to match.....

What hangers do you use?


  1. OH MY GOSH These hangers are the absolute cutest!!~ I've really been wanting new hangers too because I'm currently using plastic ones, but these are cuter to look at and would make for nice photos!! Thanks for sharing <3

    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

  2. They are so gorgeous ,especially the one with the Roses <3
    follow new ,mind follow back? :)


  3. those are sooo pretty! i love the floral one! i just have some pink plastick ones and other random hangers in my closet :)


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