Thursday, 10 April 2014

Review: Healthy Nails - Crystal Nail File

I used to collect so many nail files when I was younger, I had a variety of colours and patterns and I have to admit that they were more for display than anything else. They were all emery boards and I find that they aren't all that effective, and sometimes they caused my nails to weaken. 

A great alternative to emery boards are crystal nail files, and they are a lot better for your nails too. The one I have to show you today is the Healthy Nails Crystal Nail File* which was very kindly sent to me. 

It arrived in a sleek silver case, perfect for carrying around and storing in your drawer. You need to be a lot more careful with a crystal nail file than you do with an emery board. I did own a crystal nail file a couple of years ago and, in the midst of clearing up my desk, I moved the nail file onto my chair.... and then I sat on it.... oops! It snapped in half and that was the end of that, I'd only had it for a few weeks as well! So this is my second crystal nail file, which I trust will last a lot longer!

Although the case will prevent any accidents when you sit on it, I would still be careful with it as it rattles a lot inside the case. It could potentially break if you drop it somewhere.

This is available in 3 different colours: pink, black, and purple. As with all crystal nail files, it turns your nails into dust when you file them, allowing for a clean finish. My nails feel so smooth after using this and I don't have to deal with a massive sandy mess that you get with an emery board. It's also a lot more gentle despite it being heavier and chunkier. Gentleness means less force is applied to the nails, leading to less breakages. 

Providing that you don't drop it (or sit on it!), this file supposedly lasts forever! How amazing is that? One crystal nail file for the rest of your life. Produced in Czech Republic using high quality glass, the structure and production of the Healthy Nails Crystal File means it will keep on working for years and years.

However, the main standout of this crystal file compared to others is the pointy tip. Most crystal files have rounded tips and I did wonder why this one had such a sharp one but it soon became clear. The sharp tip allows for more intricate filing, especially along the sides of your nails, or if you just need to touch up a tiny part of your nail.

This is definitely an investment product because if you take good care of it, you're never going to need another nail file! Check out the Healthy Nails website and make a purchase from Amazon for £12.99. 

P.S: If you're interested, click here for a fun little video on the history of the nail file!

Do you use a crystal nail file?


  1. I am exactly like you I used to collect all kinds of ugly prints that were no use to my nails whatsoever! Thus s sch a great price considering it should last forever!

  2. I used to have one! but then I dropped it and it broke in half :'(

    xx Jeremie |

  3. Great post, I have never tried a crystal nail file but I want to! I love your blog and I follow you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted! Thanks :)

  4. This looks really interesting! I used to "collect" nail files too - my fav being a pink and yellow striped one, I think it was from Claire's Accessories!
    Having never heard of a 'Crystal Nail File', I am quite intrigued and would probably go with the hot pink! :P

  5. I love Crystal Nail Files... They work so much better than tradional ones.


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