Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My 2014 Summer Wardrobe Lust List

What's that I see outside? Oh it's the sunshine! Summer is finally approaching and it's time to top up my wardrobe with some new bits and pieces. I love dark clothes, possibly because they're always flattering, but I always enjoy adding a splash of colour to my life when the sun rears its head. Now would be a good time to hit some kind of a windfall so I can go crazy in the shops. In the meantime, take a look at all the things that I'd love to have in my wardrobe this summer.

Collage images taken from their respective websites

1. Lace Up Swimsuit - Red isn't usually a colour I'd go for but I think it looks great when it comes to swimsuits, possibly because of all the Special K adverts with the svelte looking woman in a red swimsuit who just oozes confidence. The lace up at the front looks gorgeous.

2. Chiffon Sketch Print Kimono I absolutely love pretty outerwear since it's rarely ever warm enough to go outside without any. This kimono looks warm enough for the breezy evenings and cool enough for the daytime too. I love the print.

3. Flower Print Top - It's always good to have one or two bright and colourful pieces in your wardrobe, I love the mix of colours and it also has a peter pan collar.

4. Camera-Shaped Across-Body Bag - How cool does this bag look? I can imagine that this would be the perfect bag for a day out at the beach or for an afternoon picnic.

5. Floral Print Panel Jacket - I'm loving florals at the moment and I'm also loving how a blazer can smarten up a casual outfit. 

6. Silk Butterfly Scarf - This is 100% silk therefore it's very soft! I own one of the other designs and it's so lightweight, I'm hoping to get my hands on some of the other designs such as this one. I like to wear scarves no matter what the weather so this is great for summer. 

7. Pink Cut Out Collar Top - I've always lusted after Ted Baker clothing, everything looks so simple but so pretty. It was the collar that caught my eye and it's a lovely colour too.

8. Zara - Lace Shorts - I do love a bit of lace and I've been loving anything mint as well so this is the perfect combination. I tend to think that a lot of shorts look too casual to be paired with the tops that I usually wear, and I don't like to wear my denim shorts constantly, so this is a really pretty alternative.

9. Wedge Sandals - These particular ones are supposed to be super comfortable which is of the utmost importance when it comes to shoes, particularly sandals as you don't have socks on. I really like the low wedge heel and the pretty pastel colours. I find that a lot of wedge sandals are too high and it just feels heavy and clumpy when I'm walking so I'm very tempted by these ones!

So there you have it, these are several items that I'm lusting after at the moment. 
Anything here catch your eye? Leave a comment and let me know. 


  1. I have been loving the warmer weather although I fear it's fast leaving us!

    Those shorts are absolutely gorgeous.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. Seems like it's left us already, kind of enjoying the coolness now though haha.

  2. More things to add to my never ending wishlist!

    lovely post | Zofia x

  3. love it

  4. Number 8 <3

    What a steal ! they look lovely !


  5. My favorite is that camera shaped bag, it's simply adorable! Thanks so much for sharing, now I've got something else to add to my lust list!

    xo, Dolce
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  6. I'm in love with the camera shaped bag - it's too cute! Thanks so much for sharing, now I have a couple more things to add to my lust list :)

    xo, Dolce
    If you're a fashion, lifestyle, or beauty blog, let's keep in touch! Leave me a comment and I'll check you out.

  7. I love that kimono! In fact, I love all of these things. My bank balance isn't going to like you.

    Holly | holly la beau | giveaway

  8. Ahh so many good picks here, payday literally cannot come quick enough for me at the moment!

    That camera bag is just too cute.

    Hmm maybe...


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