Friday, 16 May 2014

Review: My Bag Hanger - Foldable Handbag Hook

I absolutely love anything that makes life more practical and easy, and I also love nifty little gadgets, electronic or otherwise. So I was delighted to be kindly sent this Foldable Handbag Hook* from My Bag Hanger.

These hooks have been around for years now but I never got round to getting one and, in all honesty, it was mainly because I had no idea how they worked. The thought of being able to just add a hook onto a table that would be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a bag was a bit of a mystery to me. So I'm here to explain the entire concept to all of you lot and tell you a bit more.

You can find several designs on the website or even create your own. I was sent the Banksy "girl with balloon" design. I did Art when I was in school so I recognised the image straight away and it's one that makes me feel all nostalgic. It came in a soft drawstring pouch, perfect for keeping it safe and secure in your bag. Also great for peace of mind if you're anything like me and hate getting scratches on things....

The hook is able to stay secure and still whilst it's in its closed position because of the magnets surrounding the circle part. I was worried that it would all be a little flimsy but it's surprisingly sturdy. The folding section is really strong and can hold the weight of my bag filled with books and all my essentials. For me, the genius in the product is the rubber material on the bottom. This holds a really tight grip onto the table surface. The heavier the bag, the harder it is for the hook to move. It's amazing that something so small and simple can be so strong and useful.

I'm glad I have one of these now and it's been travelling with me everywhere. Luckily, I've never been a victim of a bag "snatch and run" but it certainly puts my mind at rest to be able to hang my bag next to me when I'm eating in a cafe. I never leave my bag on the floor, I normally just have it on my lap which isn't the most comfortable thing to do, or sometimes I leave it on the chair next to me. Also, I'm a bit of a hygiene freak, so being able to hang my bag up rather than chucking it on the floor is amazing! For those of you who work in offices, it's also a good way of being able to easily access things inside your bag.

My Bag Hanger delivers worldwide and their foldable bag hangers cost £9.99
Do you have a foldable bag hanger? 


  1. ah this is so cute, such a good idea too!

  2. This is amaze balls !

    Pretty and pretty darn useful !

  3. This is a good idea! I always end up just slumping my bag on the floor and it gets in the way 90% of the time. I might have to look for one of these :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  4. I love handbag hooks! I have one with a functional clock face on encrusted with diamant├ęs but I'm liking the Banksy design on yours!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  5. Amazing post. I actually have one of these but I forget to use it. I'll get it out now!

  6. This is such a brilliant idea - and so pretty as well!

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  7. That is so lovely. God i would need about 50 pfor the amount of bags I have. Such a lovely post. Must check these out!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

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  8. This is such a fab idea-- I'm definitely lusting after one now! ;-)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  9. That's so cute! I might have to get my hands on one :)


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