Sunday, 1 June 2014

Hello, June!

Let's start off by throwing out the cliché of "the last month went by so fast!" because, honestly, it really does feel like it flew by. We're in the 6th month of 2014 already! I won't start going on about how fast the year is going....

I don't normally write these start-of-the-month posts but when I took this photo earlier, I decided to do an impromptu post! 

The weather is gorgeous where I am today and I'd be outside chilling in the garden right this minute if it wasn't for all the pollen that was flying around. I looked out of the window earlier and it was practically snowing pollen! It's everywhere. It's like they're coming after me because they know how bad my hayfever can get. 

I'm not the biggest fan of summer because of hayfever, humidity, hotness, and anything else beginning with the letter 'h'. I guess it's nice not to be plunged into darkness so early on in the evening though, and I love just staring up at the blue sky. Oh the simple things... June is also the month where it's nice and sunny but not overly hot compared to July/August.

This month I plan to be more productive, spend more time with family & friends, and really step to the exercising. Hot weather means less clothes so I need to look at least half-good in public. Not really into this whole getting a bikini body business but I'm really into health & fitness at the moment so the sunshine is always a good motivator. I'm also hoping to be more spontaneous and spend less time on technology. 

What are your plans for June and beyond?


  1. This time next week I'll be on a sun lounger hopefully sipping a cocktail so my major June plan is enjoy my holiday! After that I'm mostly going to focus on maintaining my spending ban!

    Jaq @

  2. This year has gone really fast! I joined the gym this month in order to get my body prepared for summer. Bring on my beach bod ;)

    Love Jaimie xo

  3. This year really has gone so so fast! Before you know it you'll be buying Christmas presents :D I haven't got much planned for this month, just going to try to enjoy each day as it comes :)

    Yazmin xx

  4. I know right, this year has flown by! I've been exercising a little but am nowhere near bikini ready haha! I just did a post on my June goals :) x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. I definitely plan to be more productive too now as summer starts, I hate doing nothing in summer! xx

    ☾ ☾


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