Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Graze Breakfast Box + FREE code

By now, most people will have heard of the Graze Snack Box but when they recently launched their Breakfast Box, I jumped right to it to get myself a box. They do a lovely selection of granolas and, as per usual, you can select which ones you'd like to try, which ones you'd like to bin etc. They've also got porridge coming up soon as well!

Graze Breakfast Granolas

My first box contained 4 delicious granolas (Mango Lassi, Oaty Berry Crumble, Dark Chocolate Orange, Toasted Quinoa with Zested Orange) and the only one that was missing that I really wanted to try was the Strawberries and Cream one. In line with what Graze is all about, these are all healthy! You can have them with milk, top yoghurt with them, or even just have them as snacks.

The front of the box was personalised with my name which was such a lovely touch. I wasn't expecting this at all because they don't do this for the Graze Snack Boxes. 

I have yoghurt quite often for breakfast so these granolas have been really useful. Here we have Alpro Soya yoghurt with strawberries, topped with Oaty Berry Crumble granola.  A bag usually lasts for about 6 breakfasts if you're just sprinkling some on top of yoghurt but it will obviously disappear a lot quicker if you're someone who likes to really load up on it. So far, Mango Lassi is my favourite because the mango bits are just so delicious!

If you fancy trying out a FREE Breakfast Box, you can enter the code 1J21KJFV at This code is for BOTH NEW AND EXISTING customers. For new customers, your first box will be free. For existing customers, you will get an extra box free when you buy a breakfast box. You can also click here if you want to try a free Graze Snack Box.

So what do you think of the Graze Breakfast Box?
Will you be trying it out?


  1. Looks and sounds scrummy! <3 You get a good range and it's not boring at all!

    lovely post!

    zara @ bows and pearls

  2. I've been getting Graze boxes for almost a year now! Absolutely love their flapjacks and cakes! Have lots of Breakfast granolas which I haven't tried out yet xx

  3. Have to try out the Graze products, such a pity they don't ship to Ireland though! I love mango pieces too! like little hidden treasures :) Love the post Linda, keep up the good writing

  4. Looks awesome! Does it ship outside the UK?

    1. I think they ship to the US as well, I'm not too sure about other countries.

  5. That is so cool- I've actually never even heard of these!! They look so delicious- I'd love to eat them for breakfast with milk or yogurt.. delicious! But I just checked them out but I don't think they ship to Canada. :( thanks for letting us know about this anyway !

    Have a great day!
    Chic Nikkie

  6. wow this looks all so yummy!

  7. This box looks so delicious!! I love putting granola on top of my yoghurt for breakfast as well, delicious! Great post!! :)

  8. I'm already a Graze fan and this looks soooo good - I need to stop skipping breakfast and this might be my ticket outta there!!!

    Let Us Be Lovely

  9. Looks amazing!!

  10. Really nice post,dear!
    Keep in touch!!
    xoxo Antonella

  11. Mmmm this looks really tasty, might give it a go myself! Could do with some new breakfast options :)

    Laura x |

  12. I love the Graze snack boxes, so I'm seriously temted by this! It looks so yummy, and I've been slipping behind on having good breakfasts so these would be perfect :) Xx

    A Blonde Moment

  13. This looks so tasty! Considering trying it out myself haha

  14. I'm waiting for mine! I want to try all this stuff so badly!


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