Monday, 18 August 2014

Chatterbox Walls - Personalised Print

I can't get enough of things that have been personalised, it's like adding that extra bit of magic to a product. If I could have everything custom made then I would definitely do it, although I'm not sure my bank balance would be looking too healthy afterwards...

I was recently sent the Original Likes Print* from Chatterbox Walls, a company that produces personalised artistic prints. They have so many different designs and sizes that there's got to be something on their website that takes your fancy.

Posters and prints are something that I never really saw the point of up until a few years ago when I went to my first poster sale and bought far too many of them. From that day onwards, I don't think my walls have ever been poster-free, there's always at least one up. Other than this one, I currently have an orange poster on my wall that says "Keep calm and buy shoes". I'm actually not even sure why I purchased it since I'm not really a "shoe person".

At least my new Chatterbox Walls print is a lot more relevant to me and makes more sense to have in my room. I chose this print as I loved the fact that I could fill it with information about all the things that make me happy, and perhaps it also acts as a reminder on bad days that there are actually things that I love. There are many colour variations to choose from and I was torn between a few but opted for "Cup Cake" in the end because I liked the pretty pastels.

It's printed on high quality satin paper and I'm pleased to say that it's also UV-resistant so it prevents fading. There are four different sizes to choose from and mine is Small which is A4 size. I'm always a bit uncertain about A4 posters as I feel that if it's simple and A4 size then I could probably make it myself. Perhaps I'm just being presumptuous...

I really like this print and it's taken pride of place on the front of my wardrobe. For months I've been tying various ribbons onto my wardrobe handles to jazz it up a bit so at least now I have something colourful on there. The size of it is actually perfect for the purpose of my wardrobe but if you're looking to stick one up on your wall, I highly recommend going for one of the larger sizes. Seriously, large prints look amazing!

I'll definitely be re-visiting Chatterbox Walls at some point, even if it's just to get this poster enlarged but I have a feeling I'll also be purchasing some for my friends. It would make such a great gift and there are so many different designs available. You can even personalise your own "Keep Calm" poster which is great if the poster people haven't yet printed one that suits your tastes.

This print starts at £14.99 and there is also the option to purchase a frame with it which I think would look quite good if you went for the Small sized print.

Will you be visiting Chatterbox Walls for a personalised print?


  1. This is so cute, it would make such a lovely present for someone :) xx

  2. This is so cool!! I want one!

    Holly x
    holly la beau

  3. That is so cool! It'd be great to get someone this for a present xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  4. Great post, it's so personalised and cute!

    Jennos Health.

  5. Love the personalised wall art

  6. These are lovely. I'd love one of these for my house, such a personal touch x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  7. Hi dear, so cute :-)

  8. this is such a cute idea! I may need to get one for my uni room x

  9. Oh this is so cute! Lovely idea, and would make a great gift :)

    I'll check out their website now.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog!

    Laura ♥ |
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  10. Personalized touches are the best! By the way I love your blog name~

    She Will Be

  11. Its cute a cool idea, My friend gave me one for being bridesmaid.

    So personal and sentimental, those gifts are the best!

  12. Love these! The colours are so cute x

  13. Oh this is brilliant, what a cute idea! I love things like this :) xxxx


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