Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Scarf World

When it comes to fashion, scarves are my number one accessory and this is probably why I like winter so much! It's been way too warm lately to be wearing scarves but I do have an ultra thin silk scarf that I've been wearing to death these past few months. 

I was recently sent a couple of scarves from scarfworld.com to feature on my blog, so you can imagine my excitement at adding more scarves to my wardrobe! Scarf World offer a selection of scarves and pashminas from around the world including both winter and summer scarves, perfect for someone like me who would happily wear scarves all year round.

Navy Ruffle Scarf* - Scarf World
Lace top with collar (old) - Tesco

This was the one that I wasn't too sure about to begin with but once I tried it on I loved it. The ruffles sit so nicely on the shoulders and almost looks like a little shawl, it's so simple but so stylish. I know this will look great with my trench coat this Winter. Gosh, I'm thinking about Winter already, anyone else really bored of the heat? I guess it has cooled down over the last few days though.

Cream Fashion Scarf* - Scarf World
Leather sleeve dress - ASOS

This is a great scarf for teaming with dresses or for wearing in the evenings. The gold lurex stripe adds a little bit of glamour and sparkle whilst the cream looks elegant against it. I feel this image doesn't do this scarf justice as it really is so gorgeous and looks really luxurious.

Vintage Rose Triangle Scarf* - Scarf World
Boyfriend Tee - Debenhams

This one caught my eye because I really like triangle scarves. I like how they are shaped, it gives a little structure to my outfits. I'm not crazy on wearing pinks but I like how subtle this shade is and I'm in love with the adorable rose pattern. I own a scarf very similar to this but the roses are made from a faux fur which feels considerably heavier than this so this is definitely more for the slightly warmer days.

Soon enough, I'm going to need a brand new wardrobe just for scarves. I actually showed someone these scarves the other day and they said "How many more scarves do you need?".

A girl can never have too many scarves, right?


  1. Too right a girl can never have too many scarves, I think i'm at about 20 lol I love triangle scarves too, they get overlooked a little but they have that extra something!

  2. I have started getting into scarves recently, haha. But I don't think you can ever have too many scarves! The navy ruffle one is my favorite of the three :) Mckenzie xx
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  3. I've never been a huge fashion scarf person until last year. I would only really wear them to stay warm, but I've really gotten into them! They can really add a lot of excitement to an outfit! :)

    Ivy xx
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  4. I love the navy ruffle scarf, would look so nice with a leather jacket x


  5. I love scarves as they can be styled with everything and they are super comfy!
    I love the cream fashion scarf :) xx

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