Sunday, 31 May 2015

You're Hot Then You're Cold

No, this is not about a boy. This is about the weather in the UK. It was only a few weeks ago that I remember wishing that I hadn't worn such a thick top into the office cause it was like summer had arrived early and, now, it's so cold again! I've spent the last week sitting in the office at work with my coat on for the first part of the morning, looking as though I'm not staying. I've also been figuring out how to use the thermostat in my home.... So it couldn't have come at a better time for me to be kindly sent some Heat Holders products to get me through the remainder of the cold weeks (or months) before summer officially begins.

Heat Holders products use a special yarn to create a high level of insulation to protect you from the cold and hold more warm air inside. You've got to love a bit of science, right?

I really like how these Ultimate Thermal Socks* keep my feet nice and cosy in the evenings. I've never had such thick and warm socks in my life and they're great for pulling on and curling up on the sofa with a hot drink before bed. The bottom of the socks have little grips on them to stop you from slipping when you're walking around the house, perfect if your house has laminated flooring like mine.

I was super excited to be sent this Neck Warmer* as I am someone who has an extremely sensitive neck, hence my obsession with scarves. If my neck is warm, I'm warm. If I am wearing about 10 layers but my neck is exposed, I may as well be in shorts and a t-shirt. Yeah, weird, right?

First of all, I love the colour of this and how the two shades of purple are intertwined in this super flexible yarn. The inner lining is a super soft fur-like material which keeps my neck cosy at all times. This is a product that I'll definitely be keeping by my side until the sun decides to make more of an apperance.

It'll be summer before we know it but, until then, these will be my best friends to get me through the chilly part(s) of the year...

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Monday, 25 May 2015

This Summer

This summer is going to be the best summer yet. I've decided on it it. Ever have one of those days when you wake up and decide to make a change and be more positive than before? Well, a couple of weeks ago, I had mine.

One of the things I want to do is visit more places in the UK. I've lived here all my life and it almost seems silly that there's so many beautiful places in the UK that I have not yet seen, amazing restaurants that I have not yet dined in, bustling cities that I have not yet ventured into, independent cafes that I have not yet tried.

Every time I'm in the city, I visit the same old cafe because I love it. There's nothing wrong with going back somewhere that you know and love but sometimes it's good to see what else is out there. I ended up having the most delicious lunch on Sunday at a fancy restaurant and whilst I'm unsure as to whether I'll go back again, it was definitely worth the one-time visit. With summer fast approaching, it means that I'll be able to experience some al fresco dining too, something that I'm sure I've never properly done before.

I'm also going to blog more because I do love it but it seems to have taken a backseat as my life has got more hectic lately. So expect to start seeing more lifestyle posts on here as I take you with me on my journey, wherever that may be.... (Disclaimer: On some days my journey may only go as far as the kitchen to bake some cakes...)

I'm also going to make more time to see my friends and catch up with them. I've been so busy lately that I've barely had the time to meet up with my friends, particularly those that live a little further afield. A couple of days off work is in order for me to laugh, chat, eat, drink, and chill with all my favourite people.

Come rain or shine, this summer is going to be a good one regardless of what is thrown at me.