Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Review: Treaclemoon - Marshmallow Hearts Bath & Shower Gel

I love a good pamper session, especially after a long day at work. Nothing rounds off a stressful day better than a nice long soak in a bubble bath to ease into the night, or a long refreshing shower to energise myself again.

I was recently sent this delightful bottle of Treaclemoon Candy Jar Marshmallow Hearts Bath & Shower Gel*. For those who regularly shop at either Tesco or Waitrose, you'll probably have seen this brand hovering around the bath & beauty aisles. For those of you who aren't familiar with treaclemoon, they are an independent UK brand producing deliciously fragranced bath & body products at very affordable prices.

I first spotted this brand months and months ago whilst shopping at Tesco. The happy looking bottles with the imaginative descriptions really caught my eye but this is the first time I've come across the Marshmallow Hearts fragrance. It honestly smells so scrumptious and (almost) good enough to eat. In fact, it's making me crave marshmallows right this minute.....

This shower gel foams up into a very generous lather and completely fills the room with the delicious scent of marshmallows. As a bubble bath, it really is a divine treat and leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling sweet. At only £2,99 a bottle, it gives the high end brands a run for their money!

Treaclemoon holds the motto of "always remember that true beauty begins from the heart" and, in keeping in line with this, they have recently parterned with BulliesOut, a charity to help young people in schools, work, and communities to realise their self-worth and potential. Growing up is a difficult time for young people and I'm glad to see that a fantastic brand is teaming up with a fantastic charity. I can't wait to see and hear more about their partnership and what other great things they will be involved in.

Have you tried any Treaclemoon products?
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  1. Sounds fun! I love shower gel that can kept me smell hours long xo

  2. This sounds like it smells incredible! xx

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