Thursday, 20 August 2015

Nude Jewellery - Proposal Rings

Let's get right to it. What exactly is a proposal ring? Well, it does what it says on the tin. I love finding out about new and unique ideas so when Nude Jewellery got in touch with me again, they sent me this beautiful Starflower Proposal Ring*. 

Their Proposal Ring range is designed for the purpose of avoiding that mishap of purchasing the wrong engagement ring whilst ensuring that a ring is still present when you ask those important four words. All their rings cost less than £150 and the best part is, if you then choose to have your engagement ring made by Nude Jewellery, they will deduct the cost of your proposal ring from it!

This Starflower Proposal ring features a gorgeous purple iolite gemstone which glistens beautifully in the light, these photos really do not do it justice. It's simple but classic and it's an extra ring to add to the collection on top of the engagement and wedding ring!

What are your thoughts about proposal rings? Would you buy one? Would you accept one prior to getting your engagement ring? 

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