Saturday, 7 October 2017

Homeware Lust List - October 2017

I'll admit that I used to be a bit of a shopaholic when it came to clothing but, nowadays, I'm a sucker for homeware. I can walk in and out of a clothing store in 10 seconds but I can easily spend hours browsing through stores like The Range, B&M and, of course, IKEA. So it's only fair if I share some of my favourite finds, right?

1. Malm Dressing Table (link here) - I have seen this all over Instagram and I'm totally in love with it. The crisp white finish with the glass top makes it look so elegant and clean. All it needs is a beautiful mirror above it!

2. Audrey Hollywood Mirror (link here) - No dressing table is complete without a stunning mirror, right? These light-up mirrors give that instant wow factor and they look so much nicer than the standard smaller mirrors to come attached to dressing tables.

3. Clam light (link here) - Yes, that's right, this is a rose gold clam light! I came across this on Instagram and fell in love with it. Do I need one? Probably not. Do I want one? Definitely!

4. Pineapple shaped glass jar (link here) - I love all things glass and I also love pineapples so this one is a no-brainer. This would look so pretty placed on a bedside table or above the fireplace.

5. Copper foil poster (link here) - I'm a massive fan of framed quotes as they can be so uplifting and it adds a little extra something to a room. I particularly like this one with it's copper foil and pink background, it makes a change from the slightly more mute prints that I see quite often.

6. Mansfield 2-seater sofa (link here) - There's something so simplistic and clean about the colour grey. This would look perfect with a few mustard coloured scatter cushions on it.

7. Vintage 16-piece cutlery set (link here) - I've always wanted to own a really fancy set of cutlery and these are just so beautiful. I love the intricate design on the handles and these would definitely look great for a nice fancy dinner or afternoon tea.

Do any of these take your fancy? Where do you like to shop for homeware?

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