Hello! I'm LINDA! I'm a graduate, a young working professional, a major foodie, and a dreamer. I like to see this space as my little escape....

I initially set up this blog in May 2013 and I had so much fun writing in this space. A few years later, it didn't quite feel like me anymore so I gave it a little refresh, got rid of a few old posts, and started all over again (sort of). 

I've enjoyed developing my blog over the years, writing about things that I love, and learning a bit about html and css so that I can design this little web space by myself. 

I am all about health and happiness and everything in moderation. This is very much a lifestyle blog with a bit of everything thrown in for good measure.

If you like my blog then you may also be interested in some of my favourite products. I have a dedicated Shop My Favourites page filled with things that I either own or want to own. Feel free to have a browse!

This is my happy place and I hope that it makes at least one person smile. Feel free to leave comments, tweet me, or even drop me an email.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope to see you back here again soon!